Art school isn’t for everyone. Many successful artists will claim that art school is pointless and a waste of time. However, just because they were able to succeed in the art world without any training doesn’t mean you can. Art school isn’t for people that want to learn to paint or draw. It is for people that already know how to paint and draw and want to become experts.

There are many people that are great artists and can draw well. Just search for fan-art for a random television show and you will find tons of talented works of art that will never get real respect. These are the types of people that could benefit from the structure of art school. However, art school will not guarantee you a job. You won’t find a painting factory opening in Detroit.

Benefits of Art School

What art schools do offer is that it takes what talent you have and turns it into a viable skill. Of course, having a degree from an accredited art school will make a better impression on potential employers. Unless you have experience painting or drawing already, you will find that people won’t take you seriously.

Another benefit of art school is it allows you to network with the art world. Many of the professors are either artists themselves or know people in the art world. They can offer you good career advice too. Art tends to spread by word of mouth, and it is notoriously hard to sell your art or get hired as an artistĀ if you don’t know anyone. If you had a good reputation in art school, they may recommend you for jobs later.

One benefit that most people don’t realize is the prestige. There is more prestige in graduating from a good art school with an art degreeĀ rather than graduating from a regular four-year school. For example, getting a degree from Juliard means a lot more then getting a fine arts degree from Harvard or an Ivy League school, despite the prestige at those schools.

Art school can be a great experience and offers many benefits for those who are serious about art. There is no job security in the art world but going to a good art school can put you ahead of the rest of the competition.