People with an artistic ability can further increase their skills by attending advanced training at an art school. Just like other colleges and universities there are some art schools that hold more prestige than others. There are some top art schools for aspiring artists to give them an edge over other students.

The Rhode Island School of Design located in Providence Rhode Island is a four year private college with exceptional programs in graphic design, industrial design, and printmaking. Students at this school are able to work towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or continue their education to a Master of Fine Arts degree. A student can enhance their skills with classes that focus in apparel and design, art history, ceramics, and film and video production. Classes are also available for those that want to be painters and photographers.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is another renowned art school. This school offers credited art programs and non credited programs for those looking to enhance their skills. Programs include art education and therapy, fiber and material studies, fashion design, and historical preservation of the art. Students can also study art in technology as well as performing art.

The Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomsfield Hill, Michigan is a small school outside of Detroit. This school has the leading fiber arts programs, graphic design programs, and ceramic programs in the United States. The school only has 150 students in attendance each year and the admission requirements are strict. Students attending this school can lead more about architecture, metalsmithing, painting, photography, sculpting, and print media. This school has functioning studios where students can practice these skills. The students are able to display their work at the school art gallery which is open to the public.

The Art Center College of Design is located in Pasadena, California. This school offers a flexible approach to learning art. Here a person can work on their painting and sculpting skills. This school uses the community to help students perfect their skills. There is the Art Center at Night where students can display their work. There is also a Saturday High and other public programs where students interact with the community and share their skills and talents.

Many people enjoy art and some are talented enough to turn their passion into a career. With additional training at any of these fine schools a student can turn their hobby into a career that will make them happy.