There are multiple opportunities available for artists who want to sell their artwork. Although some of them turn to art galleries and exhibitions, there is an easier way to sell art. Etsy is a common market place for anyone who wants to sell his or her handmade products, artwork included. Selling your products on Etsy enables you to reach a wider market and also sell them faster, but you have to follow the following tips for you to be successful.

Create a Catchy Profile

When shopping online, many buyers always look at the seller’s profile before they make up their mind. Therefore, you need to have your profile professionally done. As much as the description that you post is important, you also must have a relevant avatar to accompany it. Using your photo or one of your products for the avatar is the best decision here. Remember to make the write up as catchy and interesting as possible.

Upload Pictures

There are many people selling artwork that portrays the same theme as yours. Therefore, you have to find techniques to make your artwork stand out, and the only way to do that is by uploading professionally taken photos of the pieces of art that you are selling. These pictures need to be taken from multiple angles so that potential buyers do not feel like there are parts of the artwork that you are hiding. Ideally, you need to have at least five pictures of each piece that you are selling.


You may have the best pictures on the website, but you can ensure that you get buyers by pricing them correctly. For you to quote the best price, you must know and understand what you are selling and the amount of money that production cost so that you can make the right quote. Furthermore, understanding how your competitors have priced theirs can also help you in setting the right price which will in turn attract customers.

Choose Your Tags Carefully

Tags enable visitors to the website find products that they are looking for quite easily. This means that you must choose the right tags if you are to make your artwork visible to as many people as possible. However, you have to choose tags that relate to your products. You can also join teams and use some of the tags that they have for your products.

Always Proofread Your Listings

When it comes to typing, many people make errors despite reading through whatever they have written. Therefore, you need to have a third party proofread all your listings before you post them. Potential customers will definitely be turned away by grammatical errors in your posts.

Selling your artwork on Etsy is not that difficult. With these tips and perseverance, you will be able to reach a global market with your art.

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