Thinking about creating a space within your home where you can create your art?  Turning a room of your home into an art studio is a wonderful idea.  This gives you the perfect space to focus on your work, sit and think, and wait for inspiration to strike!

Here are some tips for creating the perfect space to do your art at home:

Give yourself a view.

Your space should be a place of quiet and solitude. It should allow you to meditate and think on your next project, so make sure your space fits your needs.  Find a room in your home with large windows that will allow you ample natural light.  Electric light should also be available, as you never know when inspiration will strike and have you working away deep into the night!

Those windows can also be a source of inspiration, if you have a view.  Look for a room that looks out into your backyard, your garden, or perhaps an upstairs room that looks out over the neighborhood.

Make your space your own.

One important thing to think about as you design your art studio is that it should reflect you.  Decorate in ways that will both reflect and inspire your creativity.  Additionally, look for items that can be useful.  Bins for art supplies, jars for holding brushes, baskets to hold magazines, books, etc.

Recycle items around your home and repurpose them in your art space. This is a great way to both get your creative juices flowing and to save money as you design your space.

You will also want lots of shelving to display your work!  White walls, or very light colored ones, are suggested for an art space so your work will truly ‘Pop!’ in contrast.  Decorate the walls with your work, of course!

 Add fun touches.

Look for fun ways to really personalize the space. For example, you might want to get creative and add some detail to the outlet covers and the wall switches.  Little things like this are a great way to show off your creativity.  Add items that bring back great memories, like fun toys you had as a kid, shells you collected on your favorite vacation, maybe even posters from your favorite artists. These may help get you going if you ever find yourself ‘stuck’ as you work.

All of these ideas can help you build the perfect art space in your home.