The internet can be an intimidating place for art enthusiasts. You scour the web; being inundated by gorgeous drawings, surreal paintings, and incredible artistry. The internet offers a plethora of outlets for artists and artist-lovers alike. Social networking became the basis of business and shared creativity from the launch of Facebook, Tumblr, and even Pinterest. However, Instagram turned into a powerful marketing tool for artists.

For some artists, the reality of social commerce has turned a random photography platform into a publicity opportunity and a chance to increase business.

There are specific Instagram accounts that every art lover should follow. If you’ve been overwhelmed by the breadth of talent online, here’s a quick guide to a select few Insta-famous artists.

Gary Baseman (@garybaseman) is an illustrator, toy designer and classified as a pop surrealist. His Instagram is littered with unique characters that appear in places and moments where they don’t belong. He tells photographic stories with these revolving characters of his own creation. If you aren’t afraid of the jarring and unexpected, you should follow Gary. His images will either stun you or make you take a second look.

Post-pop artist Rob Pruitt (@robpruitt5000) was made famous by his “party animals” series. The image of stuffed animals hinged on a fluffy cloud background is praised for the strange levity he brings to the genre.

If you love travel photography and the use of unconventional materials in art, then Vik Muniz is a must-see. Brazil-native Vik Muniz (@vikmuniz)is a contemporary visual artist with a penchant for incredible travel photography and his ability to twist concepts of photojournalism into his own work. His “Pictures of Chocolate” series made him world renown. Who wouldn’t follow a man that used chocolate syrup to create his art?

Do you want art that speaks to you? Have you ever felt relieved because of a moment when you knew that you weren’t alone? If you search for affirmation, then you need to follow Don’t Fret. Don’t Fret (@dontfretart) is a Chicago-based art Instagram that posts daily quotes. The work is not extraordinary in its beauty, but in its real-life impact. They use captioned illustrations to capture the ceaseless struggle of being human.

Do you like things outside of the norm? You’ve found it here. Crochet artist Olek (@oleknyc) does street and conceptual artwork. She believes that both life and art are inseparable. Her Instagram account follows her personal life as well as her professional work. She comes critically acclaimed and is one of the most famous conceptual artists of her time. Olek crochets around the shape of an object with vibrant colors and beautiful patterns.  The art world is incredible, but following Olek is a definite necessity.

Graffiti-artist Jose Parla (@joseparla) depicts the world in bright colors, vigorous patterns, and harsh reality. He does abstract to typography, and every image he posts has something to tell its audience. If you’re a fan of bright coloring and spray cans, then Jose Parla is the street artist to follow.