Are loyal coffee drinkers becoming extinct? Yes, there are those people that drink the new lattes and other fancy forms of coffee today. But, what about drinkers of old-school, spoon standing, Java rich oil brew that granddad and pops used to drink every morning before the rooster crowed and throughout the day?

Are you someone who can remember the smell radiating throughout the house morning, noon and night? Well, I can and there is simply no cup of coffee equal to it. Please don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy creamy, frothy cups of flavored coffees from time to time. But at the end of the day I feel like I have cheated on my best friend when I take a walk on the wild side.

There are huge clubs dedicated to drinking new flavored coffees every month and sometimes every week. I do understand that continuous daily consumption of dark roasted liquid gold may become a bit repetitious and possibly boring for some people. Thus, it is understandable why people choose to cross the line every now and again.

Can we please have a moment of silence for the many classic roast consumers that have been captured by the enticing and addicting flavors of today’s fancy brews. They just can’t seem to find their way back to the dark side of the cup.

I am going to be honest with you, I too am struggling with a few cravings for some of the flavored coffees that I’ve tried over the years. It seems like the gurgling sounds of the latte machine calls out to me by name. I do my best to shake it off, but the puttering and puffing sounds take hold of my taste bud’s memories like a vice while at the same time attacking my nostrils with the sweet aromas.

Now that I have found a local place to buy an old-school 40 cup coffeemaker in the city where I now live, I can once again prove my loyalty to the dark roasted beans on a daily basis. Many people swear by their small coffeemakers that only allow for 2-8 cups at a time. Some have taken it a bit further by purchasing units that brew one cup at a time. I have tried them all at one time or another and they worked well under certain circumstances.

I am now on my fourth cup of the morning. Long live strong coffee.