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Long Live Strong Coffee

Are loyal coffee drinkers becoming extinct? Yes, there are those people that drink the new lattes and other fancy forms of coffee today. But, what about drinkers of old-school, spoon standing, Java rich oil brew that granddad and pops used to drink every morning before the rooster crowed and throughout the day? Are you someone who can remember the smell radiating throughout the house morning, noon and night? Well, I.. Read More

Tips For Creating The Perfect Space To Do Your Art At Home

Thinking about creating a space within your home where you can create your art?  Turning a room of your home into an art studio is a wonderful idea.  This gives you the perfect space to focus on your work, sit and think, and wait for inspiration to strike! Here are some tips for creating the perfect space to do your art at home: Give yourself a view. Your space should.. Read More

The Instagram Accounts Art Lovers Should Be Following

The internet can be an intimidating place for art enthusiasts. You scour the web; being inundated by gorgeous drawings, surreal paintings, and incredible artistry. The internet offers a plethora of outlets for artists and artist-lovers alike. Social networking became the basis of business and shared creativity from the launch of Facebook, Tumblr, and even Pinterest. However, Instagram turned into a powerful marketing tool for artists. For some artists, the reality of.. Read More

Should You Go To Art School?

You’re an artist. You paint, sketch, draw, sculpt or design. It’s in your heart, in your soul. You just don’t have the credentials—yet. The question you ask yourself—in your mind and in your soul—is whether or not you can get those credentials by going to art school. The answer might surprise you. Here are three reasons you should go to art school. Should you go to art school? Yes, if.. Read More

Best Art Channels On YouTube

YouTube is a video-hosting site that spans many, many, topics. Many of these stand out for exemplary content or just popular topics- Art as a topic is no different. Though it isn’t described as a main “genre” of the website, it still has plenty of channels and such dedicated to it. “Vamos Art” is a personal favorite of many- it combines an uncommon, 3D art style with a nice use.. Read More

US Cities With The Best Art Museums For Impressionist Art

The United States is home to some of the best art museums in the entire world. No other country has the extensive collection and expansive number of excellent art museums like the US. If you are interested in impressionist art, you need to know what museums in the US feature this kind of work and all of these at least have a large collection of works produced by some of.. Read More

How To Learn Glass Blowing

So you want to learn glass blowing? It is a rather interesting technique that is performed by only a handful of artisans around the globe. And it is one of the coolest creative arts careers out there. But with most glass now mass-produced, this art form has started to become something that is not heavily used or utilized. Due to this, you might find it a bit tough to determine where.. Read More

What Are The Benefits Of Attending Art School?

Art school isn’t for everyone. Many successful artists will claim that art school is pointless and a waste of time. However, just because they were able to succeed in the art world without any training doesn’t mean you can. Art school isn’t for people that want to learn to paint or draw. It is for people that already know how to paint and draw and want to become experts. There.. Read More

Where To View Bansky Artwork?

Bansky is a revolutionary and an artist, an activist and a filmmaker who has captivated the art world. Hailing from Great Britain, Bansky’s pieces evoke powerful emotions with stirring content that engages his audience.  For bringing about controversial subjects in his unusual yet provoking graffiti style art, Time Magazine nominated his as one of 2010’s most influential people in the world- quite a feat for a graffiti artist. Since then,.. Read More

Best Art Museum For Impressionist Art You Don’t Know About

When most Americans think of great art museums in Europe one of either two museums first comes to mind. They either think of the Louvre in France or maybe the Tate Modern in London. However, many people forget about the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Not only is it one of the oldest museums in the world, but it is also one of the largest. The museum is so.. Read More